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Earth Mass

War is an unfortunate part of human history. Driven by the desire of a few to control the rest. It produces more death than disease and famine. Mankind has parted with many of its own due to wars, natural causes and disease. Death leaves more than memories behind. It also leaves behind organic mass. On average about 136 pounds of such mass per deceased.

Assuming a constant growth rate and birth rates of 80 per 1000 through 1 A.D., 60 per 1000 from 2 A.D. to 1750, and the low 30s per 1000 by modern times, 105 billion people have lived on earth, of whom 5.5% are alive today.

Since 1 A.D about 1 billion people have died leaving 13.6 billion pounds (1.9 billion tons) of mass behind. Our planet has 600 trillion tons of mass. The deceased have added 0.0000001% mass planet. If we take a linear project into the next 1000 years the planet will have added .1% to the earth mass.

Our planet has rotational inertia from the first revolution of its rotation. We can represent it with Newtons second law F = m * r * ∝
F = constant force of the earth rotating 
m = mass of the earth 
r = the earth is a continues mass, but it can be modeled as a ball rotating on a fixed radius. 
= rotation of the earth

"F=mra" says if the "m" increases the "" must decrease to maintain a constant "F". As man kind continues it wars of supremecy, the deceased continue to affect the earth's inertia. More wars mean a slower earth rotation. At some point mankind will war itself off of earth and onto another planet.



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