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There is strength in numbers. Talented people are hard to find. Imagine being in a position of needing a skilled person at a moment’s notice. Gogi Software practices what we call Community Freelance Partnerships. Among the highly skilled resources we have are not just software developers, but marketing professionals, Business System Analysts and many other well experienced and talented people. All of the freelance partners have met face to face someplace in Arizona. All of the freelancers are local to Arizona. All of the freelancers personally know each other and recommend each other. Therefore it is a community. What this does is support a bottom up approach to project development. Say you came to Gogi Software to have an application created for commercial use. Later you will need marketing and sales channels to drive that application. Do you have the digital marketing expertise? Can you find an expert? No problem, the Community Freelance Partnership Slack channel will be notified, and you will be speaking with a highly skilled digital marketing expert in no time. Sometimes customers call to just ask, “Do you have somebody who can help me with…”.

Re-use What Works

Have you ever found another use for that empty jar of pickles? Of course you have. Reusing things is human nature. We do the same with software. Miscrosoft, Android, iOS, JQuery, HTML5. We have many complex past projects with individual components that apply to a diverse set of industries. Our model is to add business logic, not re-create it. In return, you get quality solutions, fast turn around times at total costs that just can not be beat.

Reuse What Works

No Ropes Attached

Our rates include the entire technical environment needed to work on your project. Using AWS we maintain diverse environments which include dev servers, databases, web services and many additional technical resources needed to develop custom solutions. This means that from day one you will be able to monitor your project's progress and prepare user testing. When everything is complete, we can take that tested and proven dev environment and just move it to production at no additional cost except the monthly hosting fees. We have it all, so you don't need to worry about a thing.

  • Plex Sytems ERP

    Submitted by gogi on Sun, 03/08/2020 - 02:43

    Our manufacturing expert had the opportunity to take a look at a deployment of the Plex Manufacturing System. Like many enterprise solutions they do many things. But only a couple are done well. We found that the Business Management Modules were of medium effort to deploy and worked to expectations. The modules related to manufacturing seem adequate. They do require more customization and the help of an outside consultant. In particular, the Inventor Management module does have off the shelf integration components to keep track of consumed items.

  • What Happened to the Visual Studio License?

    Submitted by gogi on Sun, 03/08/2020 - 02:42

    Years ago developing on the MS plaform was  an exclusive activity. First you needed a version of Visual Studio to write code and compile it. That alone ran about 2500 per year. At the time MS had a licesning agreement that gave them rights to all code compiled using VS. It was and elitist club indeed. So what happened? Like capitalism tends to do, people were driven to innovation to free themselves from code tyranny. Hence Mono arrived on the scene. Mono is a compiler that works with MS languages thus removing some of the licensing shackles.

  • The End For Bitcoin Draws Near (SegWit2x)

    Submitted by gogi on Sun, 03/08/2020 - 02:42

    The Blockchain algorithm is running without issue on nodes across the globe for nearly two decades. Like all things technology, the time comes for an upgrade. That time has arrived for the Blockchain. SegWit2X is an upgrade to the Blockchain set to deploy on the Aug 1, 2017. The upgrade will double the size of the block and increase the Bitcoin network performance which is very much in need now and more so in the future. So, what is the problem? Just click the upgrade package and wait for it to install. There is fear that some crypto current platforms will not support the new blocks.

  • Working with Sitefinity MVC Widgets (Pure, Hybrid or Classic)

    Submitted by gogi on Sun, 03/08/2020 - 02:41

    We are currently building custom MVC widgets for a client, and noticed a couple of things. First is that the development environment with Sitefinity Thunder is not the best. The provided Visual Studio project is part of the site installation. Since this client pushes content changes from their development installation, we would have to work from the same site. Work would be checked from the physical site and not in a development environment.  This slowed us down a great deal.