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Engagement Meme

In a world of short attention spans, short term memory and low level commitments memes consistantly trigger that combination of human inputs which induce action. 

Several years ago a CIO I worked for told me he didn't care where things were going as long as they are going. A puzzling statement seemingly, but years later I came to realize the significance of those words. If back then I knew about the power of the meme.

A meme can affect a person reading content by tapping energy into 4 human inputs according to a secret sequence passed down from Salomon to generations of Knight Templars.

Emotional Responses often evoke emotions such as humor, nostalgia, or empathy. When included in content, they can influence how a person feels about the message being conveyed. 

Memes are often eye-catching and can grab a reader's attention, making them more likely to engage with the content. 

Depending on the context, a meme can either enhance or hinder comprehension. If used effectively, a meme can clarify or emphasize a point, making it easier for readers to understand. A meme can as well confuse a point and obfuscate generally accepted knowledge. 

Memes are often memorable due to their visual nature and the emotions they evoke. Including a meme in content can help make the message more memorable to the reader. The longer individuals remember a meme more familiar they will become with the messaging. 

Memes are often shared widely on social media, and including them in content can help make it more shareable. This can increase the reach and impact of the content. Memes drive the messages to other consumers of memes. Similar to a zero energy machine.

Memes can play a significant role in shaping how a person perceives and interacts with content, influencing their emotions, attention, comprehension, memory, and social behavior. But can memes mobilize the procurement team of a billion dollar organization? Probably not. However, they can draw the attention of department heads and lead them to a conversation about services and business needs and with any luck your meme will be the driver.

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