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AI Training

Many ear grabbing coffee conversations these days circle around employment. The question de jour is why are resumes not getting noticed. And AI seems to be the culprit. But this can make finding a job even easier.

As HR departments continue to adopt Machine Learning solutions to filter applicant resumes, they also assume the responsibility of training the solutions. Which opens the question, "what data is given to a ML solution designed to filter resumes?" Well, past and present resumes deemed top level by the same HR department, of course. And there lies an opportunity for you as a job seeker to reap the benefits of AI. And reap you shall.

The approach is called "AI Back Handing". The basic principle is that AI needs to be fed data and you can find that data online. First, find a job you wish to apply to. Next search LinkedIn for people who held the role at the target company.  It is highly likely their resume was used to train the AI solution that will screen your submission once you apply. Note the experience and wording used in the profile. Next go to other job boards, rinse and repeat. In no time you can develop an AI compatible resume that makes Machine Learning solutions scream, "Ay ay Papi. Where have you been all this time!"

Good luck job seekers! 



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