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You value onshore resources with capabilities to deliver planning and implementation within any time zone in the US. You want a team familiar with compliance rules and regulations that align with your interests. You communicate in a universal language and talk in business terms. GOGI is located and skilled to bring high quality results.


Marcus J

VP, Manufacturing

Goran is an amazing IT architect who helped our organization rationalize our application landscape. He provided us with clear insights into how our applications were being used and how to optimize them for our needs. He also proposed a comprehensive strategy, outlining the steps needed to reduce complexity and streamline our operations. His technical expertise and dedication enabled us to simplify our application landscape and improve efficiency. Goran is a true asset to any organization, and we are grateful for his assistance.



How well are applications in your organization serving the business? Does your organization have measures for application business fit? The GOGI team delivers quantitative data to upper management digestible from a business perspective.

Next Steps

Application Rationalization

What does the future look like for your applications? We apply the analysis and 5 R's of application rationalization (Re-host, Re-platform, Repurchase, Retire, Retain) to your decision process so you can focus on added value.

Next Steps

Solution Development
Solution Development

Applications are artifacts of architecture. We can deliver solutions on all major tech stacks and provide dedicated support.

Next Steps

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All Hands on Deck

Long term service contract and no minimum billing.


Randal W

Director, Aerospace

Goran is an amazing IT consultant who helped our organization develop a custom software solution that met our needs perfectly. He provided us with an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and how we could utilize them to enhance our operations. He was also very responsive, delivering the project on time and within budget. We are so appreciative for his expertise and dedication, which allowed us to create a custom solution and achieve our goals.




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  • QuickBooks Online Integration for $1 per Month

    Small and mid-sized businesses are growing at an ever-increasing rate in the global economy. This growth is often attributed to the access that small and mid-sized businesses now have to powerful and effective tools and services, such as QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is an accounting software system that has been designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps them to keep track of their finances quickly and accurately, and it is becoming increasingly popular among business owners and entrepreneurs alike.


  • How Low Can No-Code Go

    Low-code and no-code solutions are becoming popular to business as they seek to simplify their development processes and reduce costs. Low-code and no-code solutions offer businesses the ability to quickly develop and deploy applications without the need for a team of developers or a lengthy process. These platforms can reduce costs in time and materials as well as licensing and infrastructure. Low-code and no-code platforms can make integrating other systems easier.

  • FedNow Has Arrived

     FedNow will have a major impact on IT departments, as it will create the demand for more specialized hardware and software to enable faster payments. Additionally, IT departments will need to ensure that their internal systems are compatible with the new system and make sure that data is properly secured.

  • Microsoft Access End of Life. What to do?

    The go to application framework for many small businesses is approaching a juncture. The last release of Microsoft Access will continue to be supported by Microsoft until Oct 13, 2026. If your organization has a version older than 2021 it already is out of support. The risk is that as long as Access is running on a physical desktop and not supported it is subject to breaking because of an OS update. This makes owning Access a risk worthy of future state discussions.