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From pain point to solution to implementation



In a dynamic business environment, identifying and understanding pain points is crucial for organizational success. GOGI Software Solutions plays an indispensable role in this process, leveraging our expertise, experience, and communication skills to identify areas of improvement and offer tailored solutions. By collaborating with us, businesses can proactively address challenges and transform their IT landscape into a powerful enabler of growth and efficiency. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, GOGI Software Solutions is an essential ally for companies seeking to thrive in an increasingly digital world. GOGI Software Solutions is committed to your success.

Application Rationalization

An IT architect's role is multi-faceted, demanding a combination of technical expertise, strategic vision, and strong communication skills. By understanding business objectives, conducting a comprehensive analysis, and designing innovative blueprints, IT architects craft solutions that address immediate challenges while positioning the organization for future growth. Through their collaborative approach, a well-rounded IT architect ensures that technology becomes a driving force in the organization's success, empowering it to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape. GOGI Software Solutions is committed to your success.

Solution Development

In the realm of IT consulting, delivering a solution is an art that requires a perfect blend of technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and strategic thinking. By actively listening to clients, fostering collaboration, and providing customized and flexible solutions, GOGI Software Solutions can ensure a client's success. By focusing on long-term value, simplifying complexities, and supporting the client throughout the journey, GOGI Software Solutions builds lasting relationships and becomes a trusted partner in a client's growth and evolution. Ultimately, the mark of an exceptional IT consultant lies in their ability to deliver tangible results and positively impact the businesses they serve. GOGI Software Solutions is committed to your success.


You need expertise and knowledge to help you better understand the pain points. You know the solution and want a design leader. You make the best decisions knowing options and costs. You want resources that can implement your vision efficiently.


Marcus J

VP, Manufacturing

Goran is an amazing IT architect who helped our organization rationalize our application landscape. He provided us with clear insights into how our applications were being used and how to optimize them for our needs. He also proposed a comprehensive strategy, outlining the steps needed to reduce complexity and streamline our operations. His technical expertise and dedication enabled us to simplify our application landscape and improve efficiency. Goran is a true asset to any organization, and we are grateful for his assistance.


 Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our client-centric approach means that your needs and priorities are our top priority. We listen, we communicate, and we collaborate to build a strong relationship that fosters trust and understanding.


Randal W

Director, Aerospace

Goran is an amazing IT consultant who helped our organization develop a custom software solution that met our needs perfectly. He provided us with an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and how we could utilize them to enhance our operations. He was also very responsive, delivering the project on time and within budget. We are so appreciative for his expertise and dedication, which allowed us to create a custom solution and achieve our goals.

Overheard In The IT Break Room

Godzilla Doesn't Need a Thumb. Do You?

Application rationalization will uncover the answer.

What is the purpose of your thumb? Before Touchpads entered the scene, I will argue thumbs were a mere instrument for balance. Consider all of the applications in your organization. What is their purpose? Are they serving business needs? Could costs be reduced by retiring applications and moving staff to a better fit asset?

How Many Wars Before We All Fall Off The Planet?

War is an unfortunate part of human history. Driven by the desire of a few to control the rest. It produces more death than disease and famine. Mankind has parted with many of its own due to wars, natural causes and disease. Death leaves more than memories behind. It also leaves behind organic mass. On average about 136 pounds of such mass per deceased.

Assuming a constant growth rate and birth rates of 80 per 1000 through 1 A.D., 60 per 1000 from 2 A.D. to 1750, and the low 30s per 1000 by modern times, 105 billion people have lived on earth, of whom 5.5% are alive today.


The Role of Information Technology at Costco. Why Borrowing Your Neighbor's Member Card is a No No.


Costco, the American multinational corporation renowned for its membership-based wholesale model, has evolved into a global retail giant with over 800 warehouses across the world. Behind this immense success lies a well-orchestrated symphony of Information Technology (IT) systems that drive the company's operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize supply chain management. In this article, we will delve into the world of Costco's information technology, exploring how it powers this retail juggernaut.

VB6 Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon and The Reason Why Makes Sense.

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) was a popular programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) released by Microsoft in 1998. While it's considered outdated and no longer officially supported by Microsoft, there are still situations in which VB6 can be considered useful. Here's an assessment of why VB6 still has some value:

Replacing human intelligence with AI didn’t work well for Israel. Your organization needs an AI fail over system.

Israel is the leader in forward technology adoption and capabilities of AI is not overlooked. Deploying AI across all branches of the military positioned Israel away from Human Intelligence and towards an automated data analysis model. The results are in. AI looks to have failed yet once again.